Scenare can undertake everything about business (in the start-up or growth phase, company takeover, reorganization)

  • New business ideas (research, SWOT, strategy, planning)
  • HRM (recruiting, hiring, deploying, and managing)
  • Projects in photography or visual thinking
  • Being visible in the digital world
  • Cultural, private, or business events, workshops, teambuilding
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Educational, development or collaboration projects
Writing projects

Do you have another idea of question?
I’m open for every challenge within my experience and expertise.

The owner of a business always has ideas and projects in mind, but struggles with priorities or luck of knowledge or too much work cause delays in amazing progress. Scenare is prepared to be hired for different projects or research. Even if you are missing a jack of all trades -multi skilled, multi-talented – we have some in house.