Ivonna Kere

Within my own company, I get the best out of myself by working in different areas, various speed and urgency. Routine is “not my middle name”. Every customer or project is a challenge that keeps me awake and alert!

the way of working

60% advice/projects
15% karma/volunteer work
25% work on cultural/educational/art projects

my own scenario

I was born in Latvia and I’m Latvian. I had a great childhood and youth,  connected with love, nature, music, art and dance. After secondary school I had a difficult choice between music, politics, laws and business. I chose business. I have never regretted it, I find business a most creative occupation. In moments when I want to nourish my soul I go to a museum, attend a performance, sing or just organise some cultural project

I have studied in Australia, Latvia and England. I attained a bachelor degree in Management of international business as well as professional diploma in Human Resources Management. I have worked in telecommunication company, a University, small enterprises as well as projects, mostly as manager or director. During my experience I have realised that my power and mission is to make something grow and to find the solution and then go further. My career is colourful, dynamic and challenging and never the same.

On having my children, I experienced specific requests for my knowledge and  help, so 17 years ago I stopped my paid job and started to consult entrepreneurs. What started as a hobby gained momentum through volunteering and developed into active involvement and commitment.

I have lived in the Netherlands for 11 years and  have 4 grown up children. Learning Dutch has been a considerable achievement. My hands are full with work and my head is full of ideas. I’m still busy with some volunteering projects.

In 2019 I decided to return to the market with my own consulting and project management company, if you want to follow me, check my accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

All of my professional information is available on LinkedIn, my colourful life you see under my personal Instagram account, but if you are my friend then we are connected on Facebook.

I do not fit within an box as a person and neither does my company. I’m colourful, my customers are colourful and the questions I can help with are various. But my power and mission is still the same. I help, I support, I inspire and I’m happy to see good results. I share my strengths to allow my customers to develop. I easily adapt to the customer, person, company or question.