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Would you like your enterprise to grow? Would you like to develop an appropriate strategy with tight planning? A strategy for product development, marketing plan for services? Or have you made a decision to become an entrepreneur, but you don’t know how to start? Are you already own a business, but do you temporarily need extra help for a specific project? Maybe you are good at your profession – an excellent dentist, artist, or florist for example – you need not also be proficient in business management.

Scenare is a business coach and would love to share her knowledge. She lives and works from Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, and who helps entrepreneurs within and outside the Netherlands to find their way in the entrepreneurial world. Who thinks along about growth opportunities and developments and supports you with all kinds of daily tasks and, if desired, with temporary projects.

Scenare is an enterprise for enterprises.

Business coach for company, owners and projects


If I have a customer I am able to help, I help;
if there is a project that I am able to manage, then I do.

I have good memories of the time we worked with Ivonna at the primary school PR group. And lately we enjoyed working together for to develop a Facebook Profile. Ivonna has very good communication skills and she knows exactly when, what and how to be published. In addition, she is also very visually oriented. So all the messages are boosted with a beautiful photo or illustration. She is full of energy and cheerful and she knows what she wants. With her enthusiasm she connects people around her in order to achieve the goal together.
Ivonna Kere is a very special woman, she is full of great ideas and has a lot of tips about how to set up your enterprise as well as to make changes if the enterprise doesn’t work so well. She listens, she doesn’t lose herself and she focuses on important things. She adjusts herself to the customer and everything is negotiable. She knows how to structure planning and if it is necessary, she gives homework and doesn’t forget to check it. Besides that she’s got a great sense of humour which makes work lighter, but she never loses focus and the overview of what it takes to achieve a goal in terms of time or effort. Ivonna uses her intuition and knowledge to highlight the best features of an enterprise or best characteristics of a person. I will heartily recommend Ivonna to anyone who needs a helping hand to set up his / her business or make it work better.
If there is someone who inspires, doesn’t stop and to goes strongly forward, that’s Ivonna. She sees the possibilities and feels what a person needs. She identifies the direction for development. She gave me a great business idea. As a result I learnt something new, I was working for 5 years and I met great people. I’m very thankful to her for her idea.
I got to know Ivonna during communication group at Tiliander school. Her drive and motivation made this as enjoyable and effective collaboration. In recent years her position has focused more on coordinating the “social media” of the school. It is nice to work with someone who has an expertise and commitment.
I appreciate her responsibility, structural approach, the ability to view things globally, but at the same time to see the small details.
I have known Ivonna for a long time. We have worked together in different ways. She knows what she wants to achieve , it is very handy because she is able to manage people with clear guidance and to let them know her expectations. She is also able to bring various people together. Communication is kind and clear and works effectively in both Dutch and English.
Ivonna has been responsible for all the communication and activities on the social media of our company for many years. She knew exactly how to approach and reach our potential and existing customers. In addition she managed to support us visually with beautiful photos. When we decided to do it in house, she gave us all the information. Her short course on social media was very fascinating and also very important, because without her we would not pay attention to important details. If I have questions, I can always call her and she always offers caring and professional help!
Ivonna was recommended by my friend. I needed someone to help me with a plan and its implementation. I’m kind of chaotic and I get distracted easily from my own target. I had real difficulties there. When I got to know Ivonna we had a weekly sessions via skype (I live in England). We planned together, we discussed how I could work best and with what resources. We made a checklist what she checked every week. After our sessions I was able to implement a daily way of working and I’m a better and more self-confident entrepreneur now.
I lived in Latvia and I had an idea to start a business in the Netherlands. I don’t speak Dutch. So I needed to have someone who could help me to investigate the possibilities by distance. Ivonna was a great choice. She started to immerse herself into my company (carpentry) and very soon she was informed about our branch and had investigated all the possibilities within the Netherlands. For example, she made a financial evaluation / budget. I got a good insight into what is needed in the Netherlands and how to go about starting my business. In addition, she is honest. If she cannot figure something due to lack of knowledge, she is assertive and dares to ask if necessary.
When I needed a new website, I found Ivonna. I was warmly welcomed and she was very interested in my company. After several meetings Ivonna knew what was best for my enterprise as well as my website. I was writing the texts and Ivonna gave me help and advice about what improvements for making it short and powerful. With her partner they came on the location to make beautiful photos, so we also formed a personal work relationship. Ivonna also made my Facebook and LinkedIn page, very professionally. I could not have done it by myself. It was a relief to outsource this kind of work. That gave me space to be busy with other important things. Now I can still contact her any time if I have questions or changes on the website. If you have questions about branding, website, social networks I advise you to contact Ivonna.
In front of every successful cultural project is an responsible, talented, persistent and tireless project manager, who is ready to serve 24 hours a day, devoting her time, energy and power, who is continuously focused on the result, taking the risk to lose and even meeting disappointment, but never giving up and believing that the result is going to give immeasurable joy and satisfaction to those involved in the project as well as to the audience. Everything here above described is Ivonna Kere. That kind of person you don’t see often, such a positive, energetic, dedicated woman. She meets all the criteria for an outstanding manager.
It was a great joy to work together, to pass through so many wonderful and unforgettable moments, to fulfil a long dreamed dream and to realise a beautiful project together.
Dear Ivonna thank you from all of us – 38 wolfs of “Knipas and Knauki” as well as from our creative team. Thanks to you, Tilburg takes a special place in our hearts and we will always be in our memories for a warm welcome.

Ivonna Kere helps the customer to achieve his/her goal

Tilburg, North Brabant, the Netherlands, or even Belgium, Germany? Yes, I travel, I easily adapt to the customer, person, company, or question. The customers I work with are able to greatly benefit from my empathy and understanding of various situations. I’m colourful, adventurous, responsive and so are my customers and their questions.

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